Our current Station was built in 200? and features a 90' x 60' apparatus bay, meeting/training classroom, communications and records rooms, kitchenette, and 2 offices.  In addition, the facility also houses office, dayroom, and quarters for Lexington Ambulance Association personnel.


102 S. Benson

102 S. Benson St.


Our previous station was located across from the city park, under the water tower.  The building was built in the early 1950s and measured approximately 50' x 40'.  Originally the building only included area for apparatus and a small storage area.  Several years later an addition was made to the building adding 20 feet across the back which gave a meeting room and additional storage/apparatus parking.  By the late 90s it had become very evident that a new station was needed.  In 1999 a new engine was purchased which barely fit into the station, front to back.  And a special extension pipe for the top mounted deluge gun had to be removed from the truck before backing in the building.  At one time, we packed 5 pieces of apparatus in the 3 door building.


101 Parkway


The first firehouse dating back to the creation of the Fire Protection District in the mid 40s is located at the base of the Lexington water tower near city park.

103 S. Center


While our documented history has evidence of an organized department and apparatus dating back to 1900, we don't yet know where the apparatus was housed.  If you have any information, pictures or stories from the past we would appreciate you sharing.

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