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Becoming a Firefighter with Lexington is a multi-step process.   Membership to The Lexington Volunteer Firemen's Association and the Lexington Fire Department is required. 

  • An application may be requested from and returned to any Lexington Firefighter. 
  • The completed application will be reviewed by the Chief and a background check will be completed.
  • Upon favorable review the Chief will present the application to the Association to consider for acceptance.
  • Once accepted by the Association the department officers with schedule an interview with the applicant.


We like to say, "Anyone can volunteer, but being a Volunteer Firefighter isn't for everyone." 

Becoming a volunteer requires a significant commitment from the individual, his/her family, and the department.  We are only interested in accepting new members that can make that commitment and are ready to learn.


If you're ready contact us now.  


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